Phone & Gadget Insurance Scheme Specialists

Offer phone & gadget insurance to your customers as an embedded sale, standalone product or bolt-on, including, Travel Gadget Insurance Add-on.

Who are Pier Insurance


Pier Insurance manages online and embedded insurance sales, customer service and claims for mobile phones and other consumer electronic products. We have been a trusted partner to phone & gadget providers and networks since 2004, also building consumer brands distributing insurance products such as loveit coverit. Within Europe, our insurance intermediation services are offered via our fully owned subsidiary AGS Pier GmbH.

History and heritage



Our board members have significant experience across telecoms, insurance and subscription services which assures deep knowledge of the sector, how it developed and continues to change.

Underwriter partnerships

We proudly partner with leading insurers for our travel and gadget products, together bringing high-quality insurance you can count on.

1,000,000+ devices

Over the years, we have insured over 1,000,000 devices, thanks to our market leading customer service coupled with our flexible range of innovative insurance products.

Why choose us

At Pier Insurance, we go above and beyond to make sure all our customers and partners get the best possible service.
Insurance policies designed to suit all your customers’ needs
Digital first, but with highly trained customer service team.
In-house claims handling with no claims outsourced
Quick and efficient repairs done by our experienced repairs & fulfillment team
Proactive account management helping and assisting you with any requests and queries from you or yourcustomers
Compliance guidance provided to ensure maximum compliance by both ourselves and the client
Profound and Relevant knowledge of the sector assuring you that we are aware of the market and its changes

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